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Our brave number one

The thing about every crazy idea, is that you always need a Brave Number One to be the first to give it a shot.

Just think about it, some poor bastard had to be the first guy to look at a cow’s hooters and say, “Damn, it would be a good idea to milk those girls.”. Or imagine the first guy to try out bungi jumping.

Well our Brave Number One wasn’t a person, but a company. While working with our sister company, Missing Link, Stanlib, an investment company based in Melrose Arch, agreed to remove all bottles of water from their two day conference. In return they gave their delegates Bobble bottles and we made sure that there were always full jugs of tap water available for anyone that wanted it.

We then calculated how much we saved in bottled water and Stanlib agreed to give the full ammount to charity:water to help build wells.

Not only did the delgates not complain, but when two prizes of R2000 each were handed out to teams after a competitive session, both teams, so moved by the charity:water story, came to us at the back and asked us to add this to our donation. Legends.

For two days work, and with no additional cost to anyone beyond what they would have paid, Stanlib was able to donate R16 000 to charity:water.

For that they are our heroes, and our Brave Number One…!

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