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Humble beginnings

So it all started one night at one of my favourite restaurants, with one of my favourite people.

The restaurant was Sugo Rossi Bryantpark shopping centre, and the person was Henk Kleynhans aka @GeekRebel.

Henk was up visiting from Cape Town and we’d decided to go for a meal, I sat down a little after him and when the waiter approached me I defaulted to my I-haven’t-really-decided-yet option, “I’ll have a still water please.”

“No he won’t.” Henk interrupted, “He’ll have a tap water.”

I wanted to hug him. For ages I realised that there’s a certain degree of douchebaggery involved in ordering bottled water, but my ego wouldn’t let me take the cheap option. How pathetic.

It was this emotion that led me to the realisation that bottled water wasn’t about the water itself – most of us were more than happy to drink from the tap at home – but about the need to not feel like a cheapskate.

And so, Taptap was born. Thanks Henk, I owe you dinner…!

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