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Humble beginnings

So it all started one night at one of my favourite restaurants, with one of my favourite people. The restaurant was Sugo Rossi Bryantpark shopping centre, and the person was Henk Kleynhans aka @GeekRebel. Henk was up visiting from Cape Town and we’d decided to go for a meal, I sat down a little after […]

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Our brave number one

The thing about every crazy idea, is that you always need a Brave Number One to be the first to give it a shot. Just think about it, some poor bastard had to be the first guy to look at a cow’s hooters and say, “Damn, it would be a good idea to milk those […]

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Meeting the charity:water team

In late April, Rich, along with Don from 21Tanks, Neil from Missing Link, and Lisa from Norton Rose were lucky enough to be given a tour of charity:water’s NYC offices. Our tour-guide for the day was the ever patient Alyssa (@alyssajacob2) who answered our myriad questions with unrelenting good spirits and a smile. And it’s […]

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27dinner taptap launch

On the 27th May, the legend Mike Stopforth was kind enough to allow our founder, Richard Mulholland, to launch Taptap at the 27dinner. The response was great and we received a heap of love from the twittersphere! We also received a lot of very generous offers for help, which are both needed, and appreciated. If you’d […]

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